3PL - Third Party Logistics

Solamalai logistics is one of the best 3pl Companies in India

For all of your logistics requirements, Solamalai provides best-in-class 3PL services, assisting you in achieving your next goal. Get the most ideal warehousing facility that matches your business needs flawlessly at zero capital investment. The 3PL partner that broadens your market, enhances customer satisfaction, and creates supply chain efficiencies is Solamalai Logistics. You can concentrate on serving your customers while leaving the logistics to us thanks to our nationwide network and years of distribution knowledge.

Benefits of Our 3PL Services

  • Drive cost savings
  • Access experience and expertise
  • Prioritize your core competencies
  • Obtain greater adaptability and scale
  • Enable market expansion and business growth
  • Boost client satisfaction
  • Increase Your Logistics Capacity


Safety and Security

Advanced WMS for better management

World Class Infrastructure

Solamalai logistics approach reduces cost, improves customer services and delivers efficiency. We review and analyze your

requirements and then structure and deliver the warehouse solution that is optimum for your business. The leading executives in the sector rely on our warehouse services for their constant, dependable, and effective performance. Our knowledgeable team utilises the committed in delivering on time.


Solamalai logistics is here to offer expert Solutions to your supply chain and transportation needs. As a Best logistics service provicer, Other than 3PL, we also offer services like Warehouse management and Transportation services.

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