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Solamalai Logistics​

We Provide A Reliable Service Since 1960

Solamalai is a well known brand in Tamil Nadu with logistics operations across the state. Started off with a truck to deliver the construction material, Solamalai ventured into various businesses such as distribution, transportation, dealerships and real estate. Solamalai also has experience in various industries such as FMCG, Automobiles, Movie Theatres, Logistics, and Media.

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Our Vision

To provide customised logistics ecosystem for businesses that will enhance their growth in terms of revenue and value they provide

Our Mission

To create a visionary team that will enhance the process continually to deliver optimal solutions for the customers

Solamalai Logistics​

What Makes Us Special

As a regional business, we are driven by values and relationships. Every opportunity we have made it work for us is because of the quality, and productive time we spend with our customers

• Professional Handling

Our team is equipped to handle every phase of the supply chain effectively and efficiently.

• Client Support

Any requirements from our customer is addressed with utmost priority and is ensured to be complete

• On-Time Delivery

We go overboard to plan and execute sales ordered to be delivered as per commitment with our client

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Solamalai logistics is here to offer expert Solutions to your supply chain and transportation needs. As a Best logistics service provicer, we offer services like 3PL, Warehouse management and Transportation services

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Solamalai Logistics helps businesses with their supply chain management. We leave no stone unturned in achieving the best possible supply chain for a business.

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