Essential Attributes of a Good Warehouse- An Overview

Do you think business is about goods? Absolutely not! Goods patiently sit in the warehouses awaiting information to move. These goods to be distributed or sold go into storage, which is called warehousing. The best logistics company takes immense efforts to keep the products safe while they are stored in warehouses. Companies are responsible for distribution to desired destinations and pay adequate attention to marketing and sales. A good warehouse’s responsibility is to focus on product development and productivity. In this article, let us discuss the criterion to determine the warehouse logistics company in Chennai. 


Essential Features of a Best Logistics Company 

Chennai is becoming an industrial hub because of its port accessibility. South India is one of the main commercial centers with approximately 15,000 factories and industries. As manufacturers consider the global supply chains while doing business, the need for good warehouses arises to store end products safely. There are numerous opportunities for Chennai and its surrounding regions to witness good growth in the e-Commerce sector. A few features that distinguish a great warehouse logistics company from the rest are elaborated below. 


Vast Experience & Deep Understanding

Every business has a different nature. Warehouse logistics companies work with regard to business fluctuations and seasonal demands. A good warehouse company must have thorough knowledge about the types of businesses, their preferences, and changing requirements. They must use appropriate strategies to operate and fulfill the client’s demands and expectations.


Good Communication

Most of the time, businesses do not work as per our expectations. Communication is the primary key to finding alternative solutions for unexpected happenings. In order to get over uncertain situations, a good warehouse logistics company must be capable of communicating actively like a pro and coming up with effective strategies. 


Innovations & Modifications

Best practices, automated tools, technological innovations, and software upgrades are essential for a good warehouse logistics company. They improve business operations and help to make supply chain management more effective. Technology enables warehouses to maximize the opportunity to enter new market channels. Logistics companies must be accustomed to flexible modifications in their working system concerning client requirements.


Points to Consider to Choose a Good Warehouse Logistics 

In today’s world, every business relies on third-party logistics(3PL) partners to provide a wide range of storage, distribution, and transport service assistance. The third-party logistics providers help in lifting the supply chain management level. But if you are wondering how to identify businesses with 3PL partners in big cities like Chennai, you have to check the aspects mentioned below. 


Chennai and other hi-tech cities have the maximum exposure and gain unlimited success in businesses. Warehouses with several years of experience have a deep understanding to achieve business scalability and 100% customer satisfaction. They will be able to establish customer-centric initiatives effortlessly. The main things to consider while choosing a good warehouse in Chennai are:


  1. Growth Potential- Warehouses must have a buffer space to support sudden business growth and cater to all their needs without hassle.
  2. Connectivity Factor- A good warehouse must be located in areas with proper connectivity and transport.
  3. Size Requirement- Warehouses should have a minimum area of 500 square feet. Anything larger than that must serve the business needs and client’s preferences.
  4. Digital Tools- A business turns out to be more professional with digital transformation. Warehouses with digital tools are the best for uninterrupted business performance.
Important Components of a Warehouse 

Various business shifts like space allocation with varying workloads and increasing demands happen frequently. Buffer spaces are an essential requirement in every warehouse in order to maintain a smooth business operation. Tech-enabled warehouses that assure material safety, like heavy-duty racks, pallets, stackers, hydrants, and fire extinguishers, are the most important components to be installed in every warehouse facility. The entire storage campus must be well-connected with CCTV monitoring equipment to enhance the security of the space. 


When a warehouse is centrally monitored regularly, they become completely secure 24/7. Proper cleaning, alternative stairs for safe handling of materials, recruiting security guards, and controlling water seepages are the most basic safety measures to be taken by every good warehouse facility. Security cameras play a significant role as they help narrate accidents by supporting them with pictures, which is useful to claim insurance. 


Cutting down costs is a significant measure to enhance business growth by controlling additional expenses. A good warehouse has a proper inventory control mechanism and storage system to reduce expenses due to misplacements and damaged goods. Other strategies to minimize costs are reusing and recycling waste and enabling cross-docking procedures. 


Supply chain digitalization is one of the best practices a warehouse should have to get a competitive advantage. Companies must train employees in warehouse logistics to develop digital skills to reduce work drudgery, gain better control over the quality, create space for initiatives, and improve communication skills. The other necessary components of a good warehouse for a hassle-free business operation are:


  • Streamlining business activities with real-time inventory management
  • Tracking product movement
  • Eliminating stock-out situations 


The best warehouse infrastructure has excellent transportation and third-party logistics distribution system to meet every client’s expectation. The other essential requirements of a warehouse logistics company are gadgets and tools to enhance flawless transportation processes. Seamless connectivity with various warehouse network options enhances smooth transportation across major cities. Tech-enabled warehouses help with better connectivity operations. 


The Takeaway

The areas to be concentrated by any warehouse logistics company to make it function efficiently are management of transport and execution systems. The other essential measures to be taken by a perfect warehouse management system are a team of highly experienced professionals, the latest software updates, and digital tools to deliver a variety of visible results and advantages to all kinds of businesses across the globe. Thus, if you are trying to find a great warehousing and logistics service provider in Chennai, try looking for facilities with third-party logistics, distribution services, outsourcing operations, transportation, etc.

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